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NHSaves® provides services to help residents, businesses and towns in New Hampshire save on operating expenses and reduce the cost of completing energy efficiency improvements.

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NH Office building

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized the company’s efforts by awarding the Office Tower an ENERGY STAR label.

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Briston manor west sign

By taking advantage of both incentive programs, Briston Manor West reduced total project costs by 44%, reduced future maintenance costs for ice dams and heating system repair. Residents will save on their monthly heating bills year after year.

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Energy efficiency upgrades helped the buildings energy costs go down.

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See how Salem High School took advantage of lighting rebates from Liberty to make big improvements.

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Ice skater

Eversource helped Keene Community Ice Arena (Keene Ice) open an energy-efficient $6 million facility.

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New Hampshire Electric Cooperative customer was able to advance the technology of his business through incentives.

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Despite the small footprint, energy costs were three times higher than that of neighboring schools. New Hampshire Electric Cooperative provided the solutions.

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Stephen Stragnell of Canaan

Liberty helped to transform This 174-year-old house to be more energy efficient than many new homes built today.

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New Hampshire Electric Cooperative helped manage energy concerns associated with building expansion.

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