YMCA of Greater Nashua

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Nashua, NH

Through its 125 years, the YMCA of Greater Nashua has helped individuals to improve their health and well-being while building a strong sense of community. The Y provides family-centered, value-focused programs and activities for its members and the surrounding communities.

In 2008, the YMCA of Greater Nashua decided it had outgrown its current facility in Nashua and worked with the city and Pratt Homes to secure land to build a new state-of-the-art facility in Nashua.

When designing this LEED certified building, it was important for the Y to create a building that was both family-friendly and environmentally-friendly to better serve the people of Greater Nashua. The new 44,000-square- foot YMCA is built with the health and safety of the entire community in mind.

The building opened in May 2011. Some of the features include radiant floor heating, a high efficiency pool heater, high efficiency boilers and new heat pumps.

“I got a call from Rob McLean, Liberty Utilities C&I Energy Efficiency Program Manager, when we were well into the project,” said Mike Powers, Properties Director of the YMCA of Greater Nashua. “I didn’t believe him at first when he said he wanted to give me cash rebates for some of the energy efficiency measures we were taking. I didn’t even return his calls right away because I figured there was catch.”

Once Powers met with McLean, it was initially estimated that the project would qualify for about $90,000 in rebates. Once the project was completed, the total rebate came in at $117,000.

“I had a great experience with Liberty Utilities,” said Powers, “I was amazed with their rebate program. We worked very hard to keep our new facility’s environmental impact to a minimum and the rebates from Liberty were a key part of achieving our goal.”

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