Frequently Asked Questions:

Energy Audit:

  • How do I get an energy audit?

    The first step is to test your home to see if you qualify. If so, proceed to the enrollment form. CLICK HERE to get started!

  • What if I don’t have 12 months of heating usage?
    • NHSaves requests that you wait until you have the fuel use required (recent 12 months) to qualify your home for the program.
    • If you heat your home with natural gas or electric kWh, your utility company has access to that information.
    • It is permissible to use the previous owner’s fuel use history to qualify the home for this program. The fuel use for the home is often disclosed during the inspection process for the home buyer.
      • If this information is not available, the company that services the heating system will be the company selling the fuel. Please take a look at the heating system for any company stickers and contact the company for fuel use history. Many fuel providers are willing to provide annual usage information on a letter or email to the new homeowner.
      • Customers can always participate in the visual audit program without the fuel use history.
  • How long until I am contacted after submitting my application?

    If you qualify, you will hear from your utility provider in 1–3 weeks to discuss next steps.

  • Can I choose my own contractor?

    Customers can choose any contractor from our group of qualified HPwES contractors. Unfortunately, contractors who have not been approved by the utilities cannot participate in the HPwES program.

  • Can a commercial property have an energy audit done?

    Contact your utility provider for more information.


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