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NHSaves® is a collaboration of New Hampshire’s electric and natural gas utilities working together to provide New Hampshire customers with information, incentives, and support designed to save energy, reduce costs, and protect our environment statewide.

Our most Frequently Asked Residential Questions are listed below. If you have reviewed the FAQs and your question has not been answered, please reach out through the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Please allow two to three business days for a reply.


Rebate payments may take up to six weeks to be processed. Please note that if there is missing information in your application, it will be considered incomplete and additional rebate processing time may be needed. Our rebate processor, Resource Innovations, will contact you via email to request the required documentation.

If your rebate submission was incomplete, additional processing time may be needed. To check the status of your rebate, please visit the NHSaves® Online Rebate Portal.

If you are experiencing trouble submitting your rebate request through the NHSaves Online Rebate Portal, we want to help. Below are some options for contacting us regarding your rebate:

  1. Email your question and/or completed rebate form and supporting documentation to:
  2. Call our rebate processor at: 888-855-0285.
  3. Mail a completed rebate form and supporting documentation to:
    Resource Innovations
    1337 Massachusetts Ave
    P.O. Box 228
    Arlington, MA
  4. Alternatively, you may reach your NHSaves utility partner through the Contact Us form below.

Yes, you can make any necessary edits to your rebate request on the NHSaves Online Rebate Portal.

If you have any questions regarding your rebate, please contact us through one of the following ways:

  1. Email your question to:
  2. Call our rebate processor at: 888-855-0285.
  3. Reach your NHSaves utility partner through the Contact Us form below.

Energy Audits and Weatherization:

Home Energy Performance is a comprehensive, whole-house approach to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and increase your comfort. Participating in Home Energy Performance helps to protect the environment and may reduce your energy bills. Rather than focusing on a single problem, Home Energy Performance looks at how improvements throughout your home can work together to give you the best results. A Home Energy Audit is the first step in the program.

Once you qualify, the process starts with an interview with you, the homeowner, to help your approved Energy Contractor understand any concerns about your home’s energy use and comfort. The contractor will inspect your home to determine where improvements are available, focusing on the building shell, but including mechanical systems and refrigeration. Your contractor will also inspect your attic, basement or crawlspace (if you have them), and run diagnostic tests to locate air leaks, or use an infrared camera to find trouble spots.

After the assessment, your contractor will prepare a detailed work proposal outlining recommended improvements and incentives available. Once you decide which improvements to make, your contractor will get to work. The updates will be verified by another set of tests to show the difference the improvements have made. The work may also be spot-checked by independent third parties, so you can trust that the work will be done correctly.

Meaningful incentives, established contractor relationships and access to low-interest financing contribute to savings of up to $6,000 on overall improvement costs. Through enhanced weatherization tactics, customers save on all their energy use, including oil, propane and wood heating fuels.

  • An energy-efficient home
  • Fewer drafts and increased comfort
  • An average of 20 percent in savings on annual heating and cooling costs
  • Specially trained and approved Energy Contractors who perform the work
  • Third party quality assurance to ensure the work gets done right
  • Based on the assessment, you may be eligible for 75 percent of the cost, up to $6,000 in incentives to help you pay for any of the qualified measures and no-interest loans up to $15,000 to help you finance the cost of your improvements
  • A $500 value for just $100

Each home is different, but these are some frequently made efficiency improvements:

  • Sealing air leaks and adding insulation
  • Sealing ductwork and ensuring ducts are properly connected
  • Upgrading appliances and water heating equipment
  • Improving heating and cooling systems

This service is a $500 value offered to qualified enrollees for just $100. If you decide to move forward with any of the audit recommendations this fee will be deducted from the cost of the project.

The first step is to test your home through the Home Heating Index (HHI) tool to see if you qualify. The HHI tool is an easy, online way to determine if your home qualifies for an audit that can ultimately help you earn energy efficiency incentives and rebates as part of the Home Energy Performance program. CLICK HERE to get started.

The NHSaves utility partners request that you wait until you have the fuel use required (recent 12 months) to qualify your home for the program. You may access this data through your online utility account or by contacting your utility’s Customer Service Department. Please note that if you have lived at your residence for less than a year, going through your utility is the best way to retrieve a full 12 months of energy usage data as your online account will only show your usage since you took over the account.

It is permissible to use the previous owner’s fuel use history to qualify your home for this program. The fuel use for your home is often disclosed during the inspection process for the home buyer.

If this information is not available, the company that services the heating system will be the company selling the fuel. Please look at your heating system for any company stickers and contact the company for fuel use history. Many fuel providers are willing to provide annual usage information on a letter or email to the new homeowner.

If you qualify, you will hear from your utility provider in one to three weeks to discuss next steps.

Customers can choose any contractor from our group of qualified Home Energy Performance contractors. Unfortunately, contractors who have not been approved by the utilities cannot participate in the program. Once you have been approved to participate, you will receive a list of contractors to choose from.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Products:

The NHSaves® utility partners offer eligible customers instant and after-purchase rebates on the following energy-efficient appliances and products:

Please visit the appliance or product-specific page for incentive details.

Appliances and products that have earned the ENERGY STAR label help you save money and energy without sacrificing performance. By using less energy, these products also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Each appliance and product has unique savings information, which can found on the product-specific page.

Please visit the NHSaves Online Marketplace to shop exclusive discounts for energy-efficient products.

Yes. The NHSaves utility partners offer refrigerator and freezer recycling as well as air conditioner and dehumidifier recycling through our Turn-In events across the state.

Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling:

If you are looking to replace an inefficient, working refrigerator or freezer, or just want to get rid of a secondary unit you no longer need, you can receive a no-cost pickup, have it responsibly recycled, and receive a $75 rebate through December 31, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Recycling:

The utility partners are hosting “Turn-In” events across New Hampshire where eligible customers can recycle room air conditioners and dehumidifiers for a $30 incentive per unit. Click here to learn more.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment:

Yes. The NHSaves utility partners offer rebates on energy-efficient electric and natural gas heating and cooling equipment.

  • Natural Gas (Must be a natural gas customer of Liberty or Unitil)
    • Furnaces
    • Boilers
    • Heating controls
    • Heat-recovery ventilators

Please visit the equipment-specific page for details on eligible models and incentives offered.

Energy-Efficient Water Heating Equipment:

Yes. The NHSaves utility partners offer rebates on energy-efficient water heating equipment such as  heat pump water heaters and natural gas water heaters.

New Home Construction

The ENERGY STAR Homes program, administered by the NHSaves utility partners, helps customers build energy-efficient residencies, lending expert advice during the planning and construction stages of your new home.

All ENERGY STAR homes follow guidelines, verified by a third-party HERS rater. The rater works closely with the builder and or homeowner throughout the construction process to help determine the needed energy saving equipment and construction techniques. On-site diagnostic testing and inspection will be performed to document the home is eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label.

To earn ENERGY STAR certification, your project must meet guidelines that include a combination of the following:
  • Air-tight construction
  • Effective insulation
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment
  • Well-insulated and sealed heating & cooling ducts
  • ENERGY STAR certified lighting & appliances
  • Third-party testing and verification by a HERS rater

To help your home earn ENERGY STAR certification, your NHSaves utility partner will pay for a required third-party verification by a certified HERS rater. The NHSaves utility partners have contracted with a list of HERS raters and will pay them directly for their services. The HERS rater must be approved by the NHSaves Utility Partners.

Building an energy-efficient home saves money, energy, and reduces your carbon footprint. Homes that are energy-efficient use a combination of building techniques that result in many benefits. ENERGY STAR certified homes help reduce energy costs, offer quality, and comfort. Your home will use 15-30 percent less energy that a typical new home.

Besides paying for the HERS Rater to provide technical expertise, required testing and documentation, a $1,500 value, the NHSaves utility partners also offer incentives that range from $1,000 – $4,000, depending on the efficiency of the home.

Visit to learn more.

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