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Whether you’re constructing a new building, expanding your existing facility, installing new equipment or replacing aging equipment, your NHSaves® utility partners offer financial incentives and technical assistance to help with your project. Review the natural gas program flyer.

Programs and Incentives

In order to know what programs and incentives* are available to your business through the NHSaves utility partners, it is important to know what kind of equipment you are installing and what measures you are taking to make your property more energy efficient. The incentives for which you are eligible will be determined by an energy efficiency professional and will either be considered custom or prescriptive.

Rebates are available for businesses that install energy-efficient heating equipment including the following:

Condensing Boilers: $1,000 to $10,000+
Furnaces: $300 to $450
Infrared Heaters: $750

2024 Rebate Form

Benefit your business by using less energy, improving comfort and receiving rebates!

Programmable Thermostats: $25 each (up to five units)
Steam Traps: $50 each
Boiler Reset Controls (retrofit only): $225
Wi-Fi Thermostats: $85 each (up to five units)

2024 Rebate Form

2024 Rebate Form
For questions on mail-in rebates, contact the rebate implementer, Resilient Buildings Group, at (603) 518-6634 or

Liberty and Unitil natural gas customers can participate in the mail-in rebate above or in the instant contractor rebate offering listed below.

To ensure customers receive the benefits of high efficiency, the NHSaves utility partners have created the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Natural Gas Water Heater Initiative, a market transformation initiative that partners with distributors to offer monetary incentives on high-efficiency water heaters to commercially metered natural gas customers.

Rebates are available for businesses that install energy-efficient water heating equipment including the following:

Natural Gas Water Heaters Rebate Amount
Storage ≥75 MBtuh $2/MBtuh
Tankless <200 MBtuh $1/MBtuh
Volume $2/MBtuh
Indirect $200/unit

To receive an incentive that reduces the initial equipment purchase cost of your high-efficiency water heater and maximizes your savings:

  1. Determine Your Water Heating Needs
    • Contact your contractor to determine the needs for your business.
  2. Find a Participating Distributor
    • Click here for a list of participating distributors, or ask your contractor to reach out to a participating distributor who can work with you and your contractor to identify the right kind of high-efficiency equipment for your business.
  3. Start Saving Energy
    • By purchasing a high-efficiency water heater, you may benefit from the energy savings provided over the lifetime of that equipment.

Your purchase of a qualifying high-efficiency water heater is eligible for an incentive off the purchase price if:

  • The water heater(s) will be installed for commercial or industrial use at a site that has a commercial or industrial natural gas account with one of the New Hampshire utilities; and
  • You are not already receiving an incentive for the water heater equipment through another program sponsored by one of the NHSaves utility partners.

Incentives are provided directly to distributors by the utilities. Your contractor must provide the installation address and site information to the distributor to obtain the incentive. Contractors are expected to pass the incentive amount along to their customer.

Qualifying Water Heater Equipment 

Condensing storage water heaters utilize the heat from exhaust gas to heat water efficiently. Condensing storage water heaters can support multiple simultaneous uses of hot water and are preferred for emergency replacement situations because of the ease of installation. Field-supplied materials are limited to piping and fittings near the heater because these water heaters use the same gas line as the unit they are replacing.

On-demand tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water and are not subject to standby energy loss since they heat water only when needed. Tankless water heaters are well-suited for facilities with restricted or limited space because they do not require a storage tank.

Indirect water heaters consist of a storage tank that connects to a building’s main furnace or boiler to heat water. The energy stored by the tank allows the furnace or boiler to turn off and on less often, saving energy. Because they can be installed without additional exhaust piping, indirect water heaters tend to have lower installation and maintenance costs than traditional water heaters.

Condensing volume water heaters utilize heat from exhaust gas to heat water efficiently. Because they produce a high output, condensing hot water boilers can be a good option for facilities with high-volume hot water demands.

If you have questions about how to participate or enroll in Liberty’s and Unitil’s C&I Water Heater Initiative, please contact the initiative implementer:
Energy Solutions

Adding insulation and air sealing can save natural gas by reducing your building’s heating requirements. Please contact your utility or complete the custom rebate application for this offering.
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Surveys: Liberty will fund 50% of the pre-approved survey cost. If all cost-effective repairs/replacements are completed within 90 days of the survey, 100% of the survey cost may be reimbursed. (A 30-day customer commitment applies.)

Repairs: Once confirmed by inspection that repairs/replacements have been completed, reimbursements are available up to 50% of actual repair and/or replacement costs.
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Please contact your utility or complete the Custom Rebate application for this offering.

Restaurant owners and operators are eligible for rebates when they improve the performance of their facilities and reduce energy costs. Incentives are available for:

High Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Certified
Ovens: $1,000 Steamers: $1,000
Fryers: $1,000 Convection Ovens: $1,000
Pre-Rinse Spray Valves: $50 Griddles: $500


See How You Can Start Saving

2024 Mail-In Rebates

Energy audits and financial incentives are available for energy-saving measures to multifamily facilities on qualifying commercial rates. These include:

  • Space heating or water heating systems.
  • Steam system upgrades.
  • Building insulation and air sealing.
  • Thermostats and water-saving devices.

Energy savings installations that use natural gas more efficiently than industry practices or building code requirements may qualify for custom incentives. Project costs and energy savings are quantified through a benefit/cost model to determine eligibility. (May include insulation and air sealing.)

Any business, regardless of size or industry, may inquire about custom incentives and technical support if there are no standard incentives available to fit their needs. These projects are unique and typically require additional energy analysis or other technical assistance.  Technical assistance & engineering services support for businesses implementing customized energy efficiency projects may be available—including quantifying how much energy is projected to be saved at project completion.

New Equipment & Construction: Up to 75% of incremental costs

Retrofits: Up to 50% of project costs

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If the upfront cost of energy-efficient equipment is holding you back, your NHSaves utility partner may be able to assist with financing options. Contact your utility for more details.

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Pre-approval of rebates by your utility provider is required prior to the purchase and installation of the energy-efficient equipment.

Please be sure to review Terms and Conditions for your utility:

What Type of Project Do You Have?

New-construction high-performance building projects encompass two categories:

  • New buildings where equipment is being installed for the first time.
  • Existing buildings where current equipment has reached the “end-of-life” period and must be replaced.

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Are you a business owner, property manager or small business operator looking for energy cost savings while improving your facility through equipment upgrades?

The Virtual Energy Assessment for Commercial Buildings provides a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency product offerings specific to your facility type and equipment interests.

Take the Assessment

When it is necessary to quantify the energy savings potential of a proposed project, Liberty and Unitil will typically fund as much as 50% of the cost incurred as part of an engineering study (up to $10,000). The study must be pre-approved and completed by an energy efficiency professional.

Engineering Services Application

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Pre-approval of rebates by your utility provider is required prior to the purchase and installation of the energy-efficient equipment.

Please be sure to review Terms and Conditions for your utility:

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