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Below are the current opportunities for bidding on work with NHSaves’ utility partners.

Request for Proposal Notice – NHSaves® Statewide Marketing

To be Issued by Eversource, on behalf of the New Hampshire Program Administrators

This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is being released on behalf of the New Hampshire electric and natural gas utilities and program administrators who administer energy efficiency programs, collectively (the “Program Administrators” or “PAs”). The NHSaves Statewide Marketing and Outreach Working Group (Sponsors Utility Partners), requests proposals to provide marketing, website and awareness services in support of the New Hampshire utilities’ three-year energy efficiency plan

NHSaves is the brand used by the NH utilities to jointly promote statewide energy efficiency programs in New Hampshire. The utility partners are: Eversource, Liberty, the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op and Unitil. The utility partners, also known as The Program Administrators, seek to develop and implement a marketing and awareness campaign for energy efficiency programs across New Hampshire. The objective is to:

  • Increase consumer awareness of energy efficiency and its benefits (“Consumers” include residential, Income-qualified, commercial, industrial and municipal customer sectors as well as trade/industry professionals).
  • Encourage and facilitate consumers’ subsequent participation in energy efficiency programs.
  • Foster behavioral changes that lead to energy savings, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and monetary savings.
  • Apply evaluation results from the Statewide Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) framework to better understand the unique drivers, demographics, economic parameters, and behavioral differences among residential customers and among various key subsectors of non-residential customers, then design and deliver messaging accordingly.

An effective statewide marketing and awareness plan is central to the statewide three-year plan, and will help transform markets for energy efficiency. The table below lays out the market size for this campaign:

Fuel Type Number of Residential Consumers Number of Commercial, Industrial, and
Municipal Consumers
Electric 642,278 121,596
Gas 123,428 21,699

Eversource will be conducting this RFP on behalf of the Program Administrators through an ARIBA e-sourcing platform. If you would like to participate, please email by May 26, 2023 to be sent an invitation.

In ARIBA, you will find all the information necessary to navigate through the tool and respond to the RFP. The RFP timeline and assessment process are stated below:

RFP issued to Vendors: May 26, 2023
Deadline to Ask Questions via the ARIBA: June 14, 2023
Final Proposal Submission: June 23, 2023

Please note that all questions relating to this RFP must be submitted through the ARIBA Sourcing tool using the Messages function to ensure accurate information is provided to all project team members and suppliers, as well as to ensure process consistency. Eversource will ONLY provide information related to this RFP via the Message function. No other communication vehicles will be allowed.