Heating & Cooling

Heat and cool your home more efficiently with residential rebates offered by your NHSaves® utility partners.

Heat Pumps

Don’t let the name fool you. Heat pumps help heat AND cool your home more efficiently by transferring heat (rather than producing it), all while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


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Natural Gas Heating

Upgrade to natural gas heating equipment to reduce your winter energy usage. ENERGY STAR® certified natural gas furnaces and boilers provide an energy-efficient way to heat your home.


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Room Air Conditioners

Experience cool comfort and lower energy bills with ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioners. You’ll enjoy top-notch performance and energy-saving technology.


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Central Air Conditioners

Working through a series of ducts, central air conditioners take warm air from inside your house and pass it over refrigerant coils to effectively—and efficiently—cool your space.


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Incorporate Energy Efficiency Into Your Lifestyle

Looking for ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your daily routine? Use these resources from your NHSaves utility partners to get started.

When investing in a new heating system, there are number of things to consider, including finding the right contractor, choosing the right system (for example, a furnace or heat pump), and properly sizing your system for maximum performance and efficiency.Read more

Drain sediment from your water heater tank. Sediment build-up shortens the life of your water heater and reduces its efficiency. Consult your owner’s manual for more information. Read more

If your household appliances (like dishwashers) allow, lower your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees. For every ten degrees lowered, you can expect to save up to 5% in energy costs. Read more

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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Looking for a whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort? See how Home Peformance with ENERGY STAR can do just that.

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