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The NHSaves® utility partners provide resources and success stories that help residents, businesses and towns learn more about energy efficiency and ways to save on energy costs.

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Kitchen appliances

In today’s world, where sustainability is a growing concern, our requirements for the household appliances we choose extends beyond functionality and aesthetics. More consumers…

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Paper mill

White Mountain Paper Company underwent an examination of its infrastructure in order to improve efficiency and increase stability to support production for decades to come.

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Small town storefronts

Everyone knows New Hampshire is the place to be for fall. Between the natural beauty and local traditions, those of us who don’t have…

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There are plenty of reasons to invest in energy-efficient lighting for your business: Safety. Functionality. Ambience. Plus, perhaps everyone’s favorite—a noticeable positive impact on…

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Netzero home

Like many of us who enjoy heading north in the summer, the DeCamp family found that they were happiest when they visited their quaint 800-square-foot summer camp lodge at Lake Winnipesaukee, which spurred conversations about downsizing.

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Whether you want to improve the comfort of your home, reduce the impact it has on the planet or learn about the long-term costs…

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Window air conditioning

It’s that time once again—the outside air is warming, and summer is just around the corner. In the Granite State, that means plenty of…

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Boscawen Municipal Facility

Through the NHSaves® program, Resilient Buildings Group (RBG) staff worked with RISE Engineering to conduct a site visit of the facility, which presented ample opportunities to increase both efficiency and comfort.

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When it comes to heating and cooling your home, proper system maintenance is key.

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