Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa

Whitefield, NH


Established in 1865, Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa is an iconic destination in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that offers a variety of year-round activities to help guests relax and recharge.

The Challenge

Energy costs are the fastest-growing operating costs for the hospitality industry, with the average U.S. hotel spending more than $2,000 per room in energy costs each year. Featuring 141 guest rooms and suites, a luxury spa and more than 20,000 square-feet of meeting and event space, the Mountain View Grand team set out to enhance energy efficiency and incorporate the latest advances while maintaining the historic charm.

The Eversource Solution

Working with Eversource, Mountain View Grand identified approximately 15 projects that would save a significant amount of energy without compromising the hotel’s character. Eversource provided technical expertise, and the incentives for upgrades combined with energy cost savings allowed Mountain View Grand to reinvest in additional work. Key activities included:

  • Extensive interior and exterior lighting upgrades to transition the hotel from a mix of incandescent and fluorescent lights to LEDs, saving electricity and reducing maintenance costs.
  • A new heat pump system that saves electricity for cooling and oil for heating and replaces hundreds of window AC units.
  • A new intelligent kitchen vent hood system that only exhausts the air over the cooking surfaces when it senses heat.
  • A building envelope study and comprehensive air sealing and insulation plan that make the building more airtight from the basement to the attic.

Thanks to our partnership with Eversource, we are on a sustainable trajectory that will deliver year after year energy and cost savings while reducing carbon emissions. We are now working together to implement a multi-year plan to get the most out of our new building envelope and HVAC design and make Mountain View Grand as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Christopher Diego, Managing Director Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa Managing Director

Results Summary

Annual Energy Savings: 186,761 kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $22,000

146 tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided

Equivalent to 28 cars taken off the road for a year

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