White Mountain Athletic Club

one male swimmer practicing and training at pool

Waterville Valley, NH

Club went the extra mile with pool renovation

The Problem: The White Mountain Athletic Club in Waterville Valley was paying high energy bills for a pool dehumidification system that was old and inefficient.

The Options: As part of their pool renovation planclub owner Tom Gross, Jr. and General Manager Rene Schwartz had a choice to replace the dehumidification system with a standard model, or pay $30,000 extra for a state-of-the-art system that would greatly improve the energy efficiency of the pool operations for years to come.

The Solution: By partnering with New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC) and taking advantage of Co-op Energy Solutions programs for Commercial members, WMAC was able to install an energy efficient pool dehumidification system that will save an estimated $16,000 per year in electricity costs.

“There were a lot of factors to consider when we undertook this renovation and we were so glad to have a partner in the process. NHEC made it possible for us to see the long-term value in paying a little more upfront to save a lot later.”

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