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NHSaves® Program Highlights

2022 Program Summary

These highlights outline the accomplishments of the NHSaves programs and features the resulting benefits to utility customers in 2022.

NHSaves is a collaboration of New Hampshire’s electric and natural gas utilities working together to provide New Hampshire customers with information, incentives and support designed to save energy, reduce costs and protect our environment statewide.

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We’ve made a big difference in keeping New Hampshire green.

The NHSaves programs make it possible for New Hampshire residents, businesses and municipalities to reduce their energy burden by becoming more energy efficient. By making it easy and less expensive for customers to access high-efficiency appliances and equipment, the NHSaves utility partners are helping to defer the need for expensive new electricity generation and limiting harmful emissions.


183,665 MWh

lifetime electric savings

1,474,652 MMBtu

lifetime natural gas savings

2,183 kW

summer savings

3,473 kW

winter savings

Commercial, Industrial and Municipal

797,496 MWh

lifetime electric savings

959,175 MMBtu

lifetime natural gas savings

8,614 kW

summer savings

8,716 kW

winter savings

Homes Reached


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®




Home Energy Assistance Program





Large Business Energy Solutions


Small Business Energy Solutions


Municipal Projects

Financial Summary

Electric & Natural Gas Program Spending by Category

Electric & Natural Gas Program Funding by Source

2022 Program Highlights

The NHSaves Program Highlights: 2022 highlights the significant accomplishments over New Hampshire’s first term under the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS).

Learn more about the accomplishments and successful outcomes of the NHSaves electric and natural gas programs during 2022. This report features the resulting benefits to natural gas and electricity customers in New Hampshire, as well as the positive impact on the economy and environment.

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Discover how the programs offered by the NHSaves utility partners have helped New Hampshire residents and businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental impact over the years.

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