Button Up Workshop

Date: 1/1/2024-12/31/2024


Location: Various

The Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative has announced that they will be presenting the informative NHSaves Button Up workshops for 2024.

Button Ups are a one-to-one-and-a-half-hour presentation about improving the energy efficiency of your home. It covers energy saving tips and the NHSaves utility partners’ energy efficiency programs. Participants will learn about saving electricity, insulation and air sealing, energy audits and weatherization, rebates on electric and gas appliances, the Home Energy Performance program and other utility and government energy efficiency incentives. New Hampshire residents that want to use energy wisely and save money will find the information very useful. These workshops are sponsored by the NHSaves utility partners and are no-cost. They may be in-person or virtual via Zoom.

Dates are available throughout the year to towns, organizations and business interested in hosting the event. As the implementer of this program, the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) will assist with flyers and a press release to help you with promotion.

If you are interested, please contact Robbin Adams at robbin@plymouthenergy.org or call PAREI at 603-536-5030.

A PDF of the NHSaves Button Up presentation is available at https://plymouthenergy.org/programs/

Learn more about saving.

The NHSaves utility partners have tips and information to help you save money and energy.