Royal Concord Gardens

Concord, NH

Royal Concord Gardens is a 260 unit low income housing complex located in Concord, NH. The complex, built in the 1970’s, was in need of renovation and repair. The complex was recently purchased by a new owner who began an extensive renovation funded in conjunction with the NH Housing Finance Authority.

When the project was in the planning stages, the owners knew they would need to address insulation. The units had an effective R-value of approximately 10 in the attics. The fiberglass batts were not installed properly and there were big gaps that had no insulation at all.

According to Rob Bowers, Director of Belknap-Merrimack Community Action Program, “For this project we not only brought the insulation level in the attic to R-50, but we also implemented air sealing measures. Air sealing is critical for the insulation to do it’s job properly.” The total cost of the insulation and air sealing was $290,000.00.

Peggy Curran, Energy Efficiency Program Manager for Liberty said she was pleased to be able to offer a 100% rebate for the insulation and air sealing. “Liberty has a fantastic Energy Efficiency Program for low income projects that allowed us to rebate the entire $290,000.00,”said Curran. “This will help to reduce heating costs for years to come.”

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