General Facility

  • Use natural light whenever feasible in occupied buildings, have windows opened to welcome natural heating on sunny days.
  • Verify that security systems are turned on and working properly.
  • In vacant buildings, keep the windows and blinds closed to avoid drastic temperature fluctuation.
  • Shut down compressed air systems if the equipment does not require conditioned air.
  • Eliminate HVAC system use in underutilized spaces or where unmanned processes take place.

Refrigeration and other appliances:

  • Turn your refrigerator off and leave the door open after using up perishable foods.
  • Unplug devices and power strips when you leave. Many electronic appliances and devices continue to consume energy even when they are shut down.
  • Adjust to the brightness level on your tv or monitors. By lowering the brightness setting, you will greatly reduce power consumption while maintaining proper picture quality.
  • Turn off exterior signage, lighting and parking lot lights if not needed. Make sure you are in code compliance for any safety and security lighting.
  • Turn off lights in vacant refrigeration cases.

HVAC and Lighting:

  • Turn off or dim partial lighting in spaces that are not being utilized.
  • Close fume covers to reduce the loss of warm/cool air.
  • Shut down domestic hot water heaters or substantially lower the heating set point.
  • Apply settings to HVAC economizers to close when air systems are off.
  • Avoid using HVAC systems to heat or cool unused facilities that do not serve critical equipment.
  • Keep the HVAC systems set to run with unoccupied temperature setbacks.
  • Manually turn off emergency lighting in underutilized spaces.