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  • Unplug your video game devices when you are not playing.
  • Even when not in use, devices can still continuously suck up electricity while plugged in. We call this “vampire energy” usage. Advanced power strips use ultramodern technology to automatically cut power from selected outlets when the master outlet is not in use—preventing energy waste. Visit Our Energy Marketplace.
  • Switch electronics like your cell phone to energy-saving mode when not in use.
  • This helps by limiting the device’s performance to a certain extent and reducing the amount of energy consumed. In the long term, it can also help the equipment to last longer.
  • Unplug cell charger from outlet when charge is complete.
  • Adjust your computer settings to shut down automatically each night.
  • While some tablets and laptops offer “standby” mode, this doesn’t reduce energy consumption as the device remains fully powered. By shutting your device down completely, you can ensure that energy is not being wasted.
  • Utilize your laptop battery.
  • Rather than leaving your laptop plugged in all day, allow it to spend its battery and plug it in only to recharge. This will not only significantly cut back on daily energy usage, but also prolong the life of your device.
  • Should you need to upgrade any electronics, check for the ENERGY STAR® certification. ENERGY STAR-labeled computers use 30-65% less energy that alternative models—saving you money!

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