A Place to Grow

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Brentwood, NH


A Place to Grow is an early childhood learning center that is committed to educating future generations of environmental stewards and being a sustainable community leader.

The Challenge

When Jennifer Briggs purchased the property, she immediately noticed that many of the building’s features were outdated and inefficient. Knowing that a highly variable budget with significant unplanned expenses has the potential to ruin a small business, she had to think big and find a way to reduce energy use.

The Eversource Solution

A Place to Grow turned to Eversource for technical and financial expertise and assistance. Through Eversource’s Small Business Energy Solutions, A Place to Grow received technical and financial expertise and assistance to complete several projects, including:

  • Replacing more than 70 fluorescent and incandescent interior and exterior lights with LED lighting and controls, which makes it easier to adjust to seasonal light changes and improves outdoor safety during short winter days.
  • Building weatherization, completed by an Eversource-approved contractor, to seal drafts and add insulation.
  • Installing six new air-source heat pumps to improve the comfort and temperature consistency throughout the building.

Additionally, Briggs replaced the roof and installed a solar array that produces a majority of the building’s energy. She also uses the project, results and experience to teach students and their families about sustainability.

“Improving your facility and finding opportunities to save money while also running the business takes a lot of time and planning. Eversource guided me throughout the process and helped identify energy-efficient solutions along the way. We are committed to being more sustainable, and it shows in everything we do; it is a part of our classroom lessons, daily activities and even our logo.”

—Jennifer Briggs, Owner, A Place to Grow

Results Summary

$4,800 in annual energy savings

6,000 kilowatt-hours saved per year

$43,000 in grants, rebates and financial incentives

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