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Instant Rebates for New or Replacement Equipment

Commercial, industrial and municipal customers can now receive instant rebates for qualified high-efficiency HVAC equipment as well as commercial kitchen, natural gas water heating and LED lighting equipment.*

*Liberty customers, please note that these instant rebates are not offered by Liberty Electric or Liberty Natural Gas. Liberty does offer similar rebates directly to contractors or customers. Liberty Electric customers looking for more information, please contact nhsaves@franklinenergy.com for details. Liberty Natural Gas customers looking for more information, please contact nhsaves@resilientbuildingsgroup.com or call (603) 518-6634 for details.

All incentives are subject to funding availability. Certain caps and restrictions apply.

How to Receive Instant Rebates on Qualified Equipment

  1. Determine equipment requirements and find a participating distributor for the equipment type below.
  2. Ask your contractor to work with your distributor to choose efficient equipment that qualifies for instant rebates.
  3. Install high-efficiency equipment and enjoy the benefits of lifetime energy savings!

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