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Heat Pump Water Heater

A more efficient way to heat your water.

Heat Pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating their own heat like a traditional electric water heater. Because of this, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heater, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse.

  • A refrigerator pulls heat from inside the box and dumps it out into whatever room it is in.
  • An electric heat pump water heater pulls heat from the room and transfers it into the tank at a higher temperature to heat the water.

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Rebate Details

  • $600 up to 80 gallons
  • Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) must be equal to or greater than ≥3.30 UEF or for 120 Volt/15 Amp Circuit models ≥2.20 UEF
  • Must be ENERGY STAR® Certified

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Must meet the minimum efficiency rating
  • Must be a residential electric customer of a participating New Hampshire utility
  • Purchase must be made between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 rebate is a limited time offer while funds are available and may be subject to change at any time.
  • Rebate must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2023