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Heat Pump Qualified Product List

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Effective January 1, 2023, the federal government will be issuing new standards for heat pump products which will cause manufacturers to replace HSPF and SEER efficiency ratings with HSPF2 and SEER2. At that time, the NHSaves utility partners will update efficiency requirements for residentially-sized air source heat pump equipment (rated below 65,000 Btu/h of cooling capacity) to align with the new federal standards (i.e., ENERGY STAR 6.1 Cold Climate Certification standard). To ease the transition to the new standards, any models that meet either the current criteria or the new criteria will be considered eligible for installation through December 31, 2023. For more information, CLICK HERE.

The NHSaves utility partners have developed a Heat Pump Qualified Product List (HPQPL) by utilizing 3rd party rated data to select energy efficient heat pumps for our climate in New Hampshire. For a complete list of eligible air source heat pumps, CLICK HERE.

Air Source Heat Pumps 2022 2023*
Ductless 10 18 12.5 8.5 15.2 70% 1.75
Ducted 10 18 12.5 8.1 15.2 70% 1.75
*Aligns with ENERGY STAR 6.1 Cold-Climate Specification