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Spring Into Energy Efficiency!

As the seasons change and temperatures get warmer, make sure you are keeping your home or business as energy efficient as possible. NHSaves provides New Hampshire residents with the information and incentives to save energy, reduce costs and protect our environment statewide!

Health Benefits of Home Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency may have more benefits than just saving on energy bills. According to the NH Department of Health and Human Services and the ACEEE, simple energy efficiency upgrades such as weatherization could have health benefits as well. Weatherization is the process of protecting the interior of a home from outdoor elements such as sun, […]

2019 Net Zero Competition Homes Winners Combine Comfort and Savings

In the future, John and Barbara Williams see a day when electric cars become the norm, and they want to be ready. That’s one of the reasons that led them to build a home that would be as energy efficient—and energy productive—as possible. The result is a 1,300-square-foot home in Franconia named winner of the […]

How to Teach Your Kids to Be More Energy Efficient at Home…and Have Fun!

Learning how to be more energy efficient is a practice that starts at home, but it goes beyond shutting off lights and turning down the heat. Those practices are absolutely part of making your home more energy efficient, but it extends to how we use the appliances, devices and gadgets in our everyday lives. We […]

7 Tips For Saving Energy While Working from Home!

If you find yourself working from home these days, there are lots of great ways to keep your energy costs down while still maintaining a productive and comfortable workspace. Check out these seven simple tips on how you can reduce your energy consumption—it’s so easy, you can get started today!

Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR®

ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs use less energy, perform at a higher level and last at least 15 times longer than standard light bulbs. LED bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and brightness levels. Find the right one for you and start saving money on your utility bill while helping protect the environment by reducing […]

Save Loads of Money and Energy on Laundry

Clothes washers and dryers that earn the ENERGY STAR® label meet strict energy-efficiency specifications that help you save energy and money while protecting the environment. What’s the impact? Check it out:

Building to Be More Energy Efficient with the ENERGY STAR® Homes Program

Matt Silva is on the cutting edge of building technology. As founder of Portsmouth-based Profile Homes, Silva is focused on “high-performance home design and building science.” The immediate differentiator in Profile’s business model is the ability for customers to build their home online using 3D technology. But Silva is also committed to building net zero […]

Is It Time to Invest in a New Heating System?

Space heating is a significant energy user in most households. Although it varies by region, heating accounts for more than 40% of the utility bill in a typical U.S. home, according to the Department of Energy. Every autumn, homeowners across the country wonder whether it is time to replace their old heating unit. After all, […]