Nouria Energy made a commitment to energy efficiency in its Londonderry store in 2012. Aided by Eversource‰’s Small Business Solutions Program and two of their turnkey vendors, Prism Energy Solutions and National Resource Management (NRM), the company accessed more than $28,000 in incentive funds to be used towards upgrading the stores lighting and refrigeration equipment.

Prism replaced all of Nouria‰’s lighting with high-quality energy efficient LED fixtures. The project included general lighting on the convenience store‰’s sales floor, as well as complete replacement of the lighting in their parking lot, car wash, and canopy.

NRM recognized that Nouria‰’s walk-in cooler was a major contributor to its monthly energy costs, and that there was room for improvement. The company installed controls on the cooler‰’s door heater circuit, which keeps the glass doors free of fog and frost. It also replaced the evaporator fan motors, which run 24 hours per day, with more efficient Electronically Commutated Motors. NRM also replaced the fluorescent lighting in Nouria‰’s display case with highly efficient LED lighting. The LEDs provide high-quality display lighting, and have the added benefit of generating very little heat inside the refrigerated space. This will help to limit the amount of energy needed to cool the walk-in cooler.

Some of the project‰’s most dramatic savings were from the economizer that NRM installed on the walk-in cooler. An economizer is a system that takes advantage of cold outside temperatures to cool products instead of running the cooler‰’s compressor. New Hampshire‰’s climate is perfectly suited for this type of ‰”free cooling‰” system, and the energy benefits are significant. The new walk-in cooler and lighting saved the local convenience store more than $8,000 per year.

Tom Healey, Nouria‰’s Director of Technical Services, was enthusiastic about the NHSaves program and the savings that his company will enjoy in the coming years. He said, ‰”The incentive program offered by Eversource enabled Nouria Energy to move forward with a comprehensive lighting and refrigeration upgrade project that will produce ongoing savings in energy and maintenance costs. The new interior and exterior LED lighting has improved the overall image of the facility.‰” Healy adds, “[Eversource] and its turnkey vendors were very professional and worked closely with Nouria Energy to determine what energy conservation improvements would be most beneficial to us. The vendors communicated with Nouria Energy throughout the process and completed the work on time and on budget. Nouria Energy plans to work with [Eversource]and its vendors to complete upgrades at many more of our New Hampshire facilities in the upcoming months. The incentive program is a win-win proposition for [Eversource] and its customers.‰”

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