Northeast Lantern, Ltd.‰’s hand-forged lighting fixtures don‰’t just look great; they‰’re made in New Hampshire, they‰’re designed to save energy and some reduce light pollution, as well. A family-owned business out of Exeter, Northeast Lantern, Ltd. has been producing high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures for 25 years. Every hand-forged, solid copper and brass lighting fixture is created on-site by local craftsmen, and each fixture is backed with a lifetime guarantee. From the simple to the simply elegant, Northeast Lantern prides itself on having something for everyone.

Fans of Northeast Lantern‰’s energy efficient lighting fixtures can also feel good about the company‰’s business practices, which place the environment at the forefront. The company continues to search for and install equipment and processes that lessen its footprint on the Earth. Its 25 employees are trained by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to properly handle and decrease any chemical waste in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, several of the company‰’s products have been awarded a seal of approval by the International Dark-Sky Association, which aims to preserve starry spaces for future generations. A selection of Northeast Lantern products, offered at a discount by nhsaves, has been designed to prevent sky glow (light directed upward that contributes to light pollution) and light trespass (glare from light directed at a neighbor‰’s home or business).

Businesses all over New Hampshire are taking advantage of their electric utility‰’s energy efficiency programs to save energy and money.



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