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Forest Ridge Apartments is a 370 unit rental development located in Nashua NH. Within the complex there are a total of 36 buildings nestled throughout a wooded area. The apartments, built in 1968, were a prime candidate for energy efficiency upgrades.

“Our energy costs were extremely high,” said property manager Diane Ventresca, “We had to do something to control our costs.” Ventresca worked closely with Rob McLean, Energy Efficiency Analyst at Liberty Utilities. McLean recommended an energy audit that would provide a comprehensive list of areas that needed to be addressed in order to reduce energy usage.

Targeted improvements included temperature limiting thermostats, attic air sealing, attic insulation as well as water saving measures. The energy audit, performed by GDS Associates, was then analyzed and matched with available rebates and incentives offered by Liberty Utilities.

“I knew there were improvements that needed to made but honestly I was concerned about the up front cost to make improvements to the apartments,” Ventresca said. McLean was able to secure rebates that reduced the cost of improvements by 50% including the cost of the audit.

Now that the improvements are complete, not only will Forest Ridge Apartments benefit from over $50K in cost of gas savings every year but they will reach their return on investment in half the time (just 3.8 years) because of the rebates provided by Liberty Utilities.

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