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Andy Duncan owns a 100-year-old home in Concord, NH. His home was like many older New England homes – cold and drafty in the winter and hot in summer.

Unlike most homeowners, Duncan is a Building Energy Efficiency expert. He has over 20 years of experience in the field, so he knew there was something that could be done. He also knew that his utility company could help with the project and even help pay for the energy improvements to his home.

Duncan participated in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program through Liberty Utilities.

“Because I work in the energy industry, I knew about the program,” said Duncan, “but you don’t have to be an energy expert to participate. Anyone with a qualifying home can take advantage of the savings.”

The program starts with a comprehensive energy audit. Using state-of-the-art tools, a certified contractor identifies areas of the home that need energy improvements.

My house was stuck in 2nd gear,” said Duncan, it just wasn’t performing well,” And that meant shivering in his own home while still paying high heating bills. The two main improvement measures recommended for Duncan were carefully dense-packing blown-in cellulose insulation in the walls and adding spray foam in the attic and basement.

“We are probably going to be living here for a while,” said Duncan, “partly because it is such a pleasant indoor environment to live in. But if we ever did sell the house, I think a big selling point will be the comfort and low heating bills that comes with it. The great thing about making energy improvements is that the energy savings continue year after year.”

Duncan went on to say, “It’s really impressive to go up to our unheated attic, and even on a 20 degree day it is still 60 degrees in the attic. And the under-roof spray foam has done a really good job keeping our house cool in the summer.”

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