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The ENERGY STAR Homes certification is typically awarded to new homes that exceed building code with regard to insulation, air sealing, HVAC, water management, lighting and appliances. It is very rarely given to older homes that are renovated. Barrett Bellows of Bellows Construction, took an old farmhouse in Alstead, NH and was able to renovate it to the very strict ENERGY STAR homes standards.

“For this project, we had to tear almost the whole house back to the studs, Bellows said. “It was like building a new home inside an old shell.” “When we build

“When we build homes, our focus is on quality,” said Bellows.

“Building an ENERGY STAR certified home means the homeowner has more than just my word they are getting quality work.” To become certified, the home’s efficiency is tested before and after the project is completed. It is inspected at key points during the project and tested by an independent expert who provides a report to the builder and homeowner.

“The report is proof for the homeowner that I did my job and the home is going to provide better comfort, energy savings and overall quality compared to a typical home, “ Bellows said.

According to Bellows, the incentives provided by Liberty Utilities was important to the project. “Using better building materials and taking extra time to do the job right costs more money. The incentives from Liberty help to offset those costs.”

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