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When thinking of the types of businesses ripe for energy efficient upgrades, a day spa may not come first to mind. But as Chill Day Spa owner Crissy McQuade recently discovered, the savings from energy efficient lighting add up very quickly.

Chill Day Spa, located in Manchester, NH, recently completed a ‘makeover’ of its own by replacing more than 100 existing incandescent light bulbs from various fixtures in its facility with the latest Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) . The spa decided to make this investment after meeting with Eversource staff and learning about the monthly energy savings they could achieve with new energy efficient bulbs from the nhsaves catalog.

“After reviewing the energy efficient lighting options available to me through nhsaves@work, the opportunity simply made too much sense to pass up,” said Crissy McQuade, owner of Chill Day Spa. “Not only will my business save almost $2,000 per year on its electric bill, but I am impressed with the improvement in the color and the amount of light available. My customers and staff have had nothing but positive comments about our new lighting. In addition, I was changing light bulbs all the time and now it will be a number of years between changes. What a relief. We are also proud of the new opportunity to market Chill Day Spa as a ‘green’ business.”

The spa replaced light bulbs in numerous locations with new energy efficient bulbs from various manufacturers. GE 2.3 watt globes were used around the mirrors, Maxlite 2 watt LEDs replaced 60 watt incandescent lights in sconces in stairwells and treatment rooms, and Philips LEDs were inserted into fan lights, small spot lights (see page 35) and signage lighting replacing 50 watt incandescants. Sylvania 15 watt LEDs replaced 60–75 watt bulbs for recessed ceiling fixtures, track lighting and outdoor floods.

After Eversource applied $982 in rebates, the spa invested $2,165 in the new energy efficient bulbs and it is estimated to save $160 a month on their electric bill. The payback for this investment is estimated to be slightly over one year. The savings from the mirror alone will be $41 a month where all 24 LEDs used will consume less wattage than just one of the old bulbs. Thanks to the extended life of the energy efficient lighting, it’s estimated Chill Day Spa will accumulate over $20,000 in savings over the next ten years.

“Investing in energy efficient lighting is a smart and easy way for many businesses to save money,” said Jack Schelling, Eversource Lighting and Appliance Program Administrator. “The nhsaves@work program provides businesses with the resources and information needed to make these investments and we are ready to help them take that first step.” For more information visit or call your electric utility.

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