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New Life for an Old School

After the Concord School District closed the Dame School in 2014 as part of a school consolidation, the city of Concord embarked on a project to renovate the building by transforming it into a 45,000-square-foot community center. The center would offer a gymnasium, exercise rooms, a senior lounge, an auditorium, library, summer camps and adult classes in cooking and music, among other services to area residents.

New Services, Greater Energy Efficiency

The city installed energy-efficient condensing boilers, a water heater and energy recovery ventilators, all with assistance from utility partner Liberty Utilities and from Millstone Construction, which provided the plans and the invoices for the equipment. Other changes to make the building more energy efficient included the addition of spray foam insulation in the historic portions of the building to seal cracks and reduce drafts; supplemental roof insulation; energy-efficient windows; low flow plumbing fixtures; LED lighting; and heat-reflective roofing membranes to reduce building temperatures and air conditioning costs in the summer.

“We are helping people through the process so it is easier and less overwhelming,” said Bob Reals, Commercial and Industrial Program Manager for Liberty Utilities. “We really want to make it as simple as possible.”

Project Highlights

Cost of ProjectsNHSaves RebatesAnnual Energy-Efficiency SavingsROI
$54,926$36,226$8,9232.09 years

How NHSaves Can Help You With Your Next Project

  1. Identify energy-efficiency measures
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About NHSaves

NHSaves is making it easy for commercial, industrial and municipal customers to save money by showing them how to reduce energy costs and qualify for rebates, and then assisting them through the application process. Rebates are available for gas and electric customers through incentive-based programs offered by Liberty Utilities, Unitil, Eversource and New Hampshire Electric Co-op.

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