How much energy can you save with an ENERGY STAR certified Pool Pump?

ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps are on average 55% more efficient than conventional models. You’ll typically see the payback on the additional investment in an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump in 1-3 years, depending on the type of pump.

In warmer climates where pools are used year-round, savings can be significantly higher. ENERGY STAR certifies the following types of pool pumps; “wet end” and motor pool pumps, residential pool pumps, multi-speed, variable-speed pool pumps capable of operating on at least two speeds,* in ground pool pumps, 0.5 < Total HP ≤ 4, and single phase.

*At this time, a single-speed pool pump will not meet the ENERGY STAR specification. However, a single-speed pump with an Energy Factor (EF) above or equal to 3.8 could be developed and receive the ENERGY STAR certification.