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New Equipment & Construction for Schools Program

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Energy-efficient equipment doesn’t just help lower your energy costs, it can also make your school a more comfortable learning environment with fewer maintenance issues.

Our enhanced incentives and rebates can help offset the upfront costs of new, energy-efficient equipment for your public K-12 school, helping you save even more.

Rebates and incentives are available for several types of equipment including:

  • Lighting and Controls
  • Motors
  • HVAC Systems
  • Chillers
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Incentives for custom projects are also available. Contact us at 866-554-6025 for more information.

*Note that pre-approval of rebates by Eversource is required prior to the purchase and installation of the energy-efficient equipment.

Technical Expertise to Maximize Savings

Our experts can also provide technical assistance to help you ensure that you’re purchasing the best equipment for your facility to optimize performance and savings.

Find Out More

Contact us at 866-554-6025 for an application and assistance. We will review your proposal and estimate your rebate amount. The actual rebate amount will be based on the final product installed.

Click here to download the lighting incentive.