May 28


09:00 am - 01:00 pm

Training Overview:
The course will feature topics in energy efficiency and the use of gas technologies in commercial and industrial operations including energy recovery ventilation, efficient boilers and water heaters, and emerging technologies in on-site generation and industrial technologies.

Event Benefits:
Students after this course will be able to:
Discuss how gas technologies are used in commercial and industrial settings
Describe ERV and other topics that apply to individual work sites
Review emerging commercial and industrial technologies


Day 1 – 4 Hour Session TIME: 9 am – !pm

  1. Introduction (5 Slides)
  2. Boilers (165 Slides)
    • Introduction to Boilers
    • Boiler Tuning
    • Boilers Controls
    • High Eff. Boilers
    • Boiler Economizer Technologies

Day 2 – 4 Hour Session TIME: 9 am – !pm

  1. Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilation (51 Slides)
  2. Industrial Scale High Eff. Water Heating (63 Slides)
  3. On-Site Gen (94 Slides)
    • CHP Industrial Campus Application (GT CHP)
    • The Emerging Technology of Microturbine CHP (incl. Fuel Cells Briefly)

Tools & References:
An electronic copy of the presentation will be available via email.

William A Ryan Ph.D.

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