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Program Description
  • Net Zero ChallengeHomes entering this challenge must meet the ENERGY STAR Homes 3.1 certification requirements and have a renewable energy system installed, such as solar photovoltaics, a small wind turbine or a micro‐hydro turbine. Participants compete for a cash incentive to design and build super-high-efficiency, zero‐net‐energy homes.
  • ENERGY STAR 3.1—Designed for homes being built to exceed 2012 IECC. Efficiency targets are increased—key changes include lower infiltration values; better windows & doors; more efficient HVAC equipment, including the air handler and ducts in conditioned space; and more efficient lighting. These more efficient features are used to determine the ENERGY STAR HERS index target. Complete ENERGY STAR Program Requirements can be found here.
  • Drive to ENERGY STAR (code plus initiative)Initial entry point into efficient building practices for builders/homeowners that are building single-family homes exceeding code but not meeting all the ENERGY STAR certification requirements. This is an introduction into a better understanding of the process, and the ENERGY STAR requirements for the builder and HVAC contractor.
Eligibility Requirements
  • An approved ENERGY STAR enrollment form must be submitted to sponsoring utility prior to construction.
  • Utility service must be provided by one of the utility sponsors (Eversource, Liberty, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, Unitil).
  • Builder must complete a free online ENERGY STAR Orientation Training and register as an ENERGY STAR Builder Partner Version 3.1.
  • HVAC contractor must be an EPA‐recognized credentialed HVAC contractor (not applicable for Drive to Net Zero).
  • Builder/homeowner agrees to coordinate inspections with assigned Home Energy Raters.
  • Homes must meet ENERGY STAR program requirements to qualify for label and financial incentives (not applicable for Drive to Net Zero).
  • ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 can be single‐family, multi‐family or townhouse-style construction three stories or less in height, or four stories where each residential unit has its own heating, cooling and hot water systems. Each dwelling must be individually electrically metered.
  • Construction to be complete* by December 31, 2020 to receive incentives. For homes completed after December 31, 2020, applicants will be required to sign an updated agreement. The availability of rebates and services is subject to regulatory funding and program approvals. *CompleteDwelling is in move‐in condition, all mechanical equipment operating, HERS testing complete, required builder and HVAC documentation submitted to HERS rater.

IMPORTANT:  Customers participating in the ENERGY STAR New Construction Program may not also participate in any other NH Electric and Gas Utilities programs where incentives for HVAC, domestic hot water and lighting equipment are offered.