Save Energy While Working From Home! 

If you find yourself working from home these days, there are lots of great ways to keep your energy costs down while still maintaining a productive and comfortable workspace.

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Air Purifiers: Breathe Better Air!

Room air purifiers remove fine particles, such as dust and pollen, from indoor air. ENERGY STAR-certified models are 40% more energy-efficient than standard models.

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Stay Cool and Save When the Weather Heats Up!

ENERGY STAR-certified room air conditioners use less energy and help the environment. That’s cool news!

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As a community, we have a growing need for energy-saving solutions, now and in the future. NHSaves is a program funded by ratepayers and administered by Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative and Unitil to help us all save money and save energy through incentives, rebates and ongoing education.

Join together to live free and live smart.

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Save money and energy with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®.

Test Your Home

Energy efficiency updates can help reduce costs and offer quality, comfort and increased value to your home. Calculate your home’s energy efficiency to see if your home qualifies.

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When we invest in energy efficiency, we help make a better today and ensure a brighter tomorrow. Find out how with these products and rebates for homes, businesses and towns.