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Five Reasons Why an Electric Heat Pump Is Right For Your Business

If you’re wondering if an electric heat pump could be the right fit for your business, here are five reasons why the answer is “yes.” Improved air quality Lower operating costs A quieter workspace A more controlled environment A smaller carbon footprint Through the NHSaves program for new equipment and construction for businesses and towns, […]

Ductwork: Seal In Energy Savings

  • Over time, ducts can develop leaks, holes, and poor connections. • Ductwork is often hidden in walls and ceilings, so it can often be difficult to repair. • Do not use duct tape; use mastic sealant or metal tape.   Do you have high energy bills, stuffy rooms, or a dusty house? The […]

Restart Your Motor Policy

Key Points An effective motor policy can save money on repair and replacement, and improve your productivity. Planning is essential. Start with an inventory of all equipment and a list of trusted suppliers. Include replacement guidelines and repair specifications, as well as preventive maintenance. Motors are critical to operations and they make up half of […]

Blow the Lid Off!

Save thousands of dollars a year by maintaining your compressor. Good maintenance practicesEnergy use may account for up to 90 percent of the total costs for compressed air production. If a system is not operating at peak efficiency, energy consumption goes up as air leakage and pressure drops occur. A preventive maintenance program will help […]

Save Money with Variable Frequency Drives

Key Points VFDs save energy by adjusting motor speed to match load requirements. Motors that drive variable loads, such pumps and fans, are ideal candidates for VFDs. VFDs have limitations that make them unsuitable for certain applications.   Motors are designed to operate at a constant speed. However, the devices they operate frequently run at […]

If You Cannot Stand the Heat, Check Your Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Key Points  Kitchen ventilation is critical to food service operations, but uses a substantial amount of energy. A well-maintained ventilation system can save energy, as well as increase safety and comfort. Balancing makeup air and proper equipment placement helps increase ventilation system performance.   Food service facilities use far more energy per square foot of building space than […]

Computerized Maintenance Management Saves Time and Energy

Key Points CMMS programs automate many of the logistics functions performed by maintenance staff. Benefits of a CMMS include elimination of paper work, improved tracking, and real-time reporting. A CMMS can be integrated with an energy management system to identify and perform maintenance tasks that save energy. Proper maintenance is critical to optimizing performance and extending […]

What to Look for in Purchasing High-Efficiency Motors

High-efficiency motors use less energy and can save substantially on operating costs. Carefully assess your existing motors before replacing them with a higher efficiency model. A motor efficiency improvement program can help to reduce long-term operating costs and improve overall system performance. Motors consume about half of the energy used in commercial and industrial facilities. […]

Energy-Management Systems: Putting You in Control

Energy-management systems (EMS) can reduce energy consumption by 10 to 30 percent. EMS designs range from single-point control devices to complex, facility wide systems. An EMS can control lighting and HVAC systems, as well as manufacturing process equipment. Energy conservation is a team effort, but getting everyone to cooperate can be difficult. Lights are left […]