2017 NHSaves Drive to Net Zero Home Competition Participant

682 White Plains Road, Webster NH

Applicant: Bruce Fillmore
Project Address: 682 White Plains Road, Webster NH
Builder Website: http://homesforalifetimenh.wixsite.com/home

Project Overview

  • Kevin and Kelly Gale’s new home will be 1,680 square foot three bedroom cape with first floor master and a large detached garage.
  • The Gale’s goals for the new home are to have energy efficient details and concepts, have a small tight footprint and a solar component allowing them to control monthly bills better.
  • Kevin and Kelly first meet Bruce Fillmore of Home for a Lifetime at NH Energy Code training while networking. Their intentions where to learn more about Net Zero homes, not actually find the builder for their home at the training.
  • Kelly is an Architect and owns KLG Architecture, She has designed energy efficient homes and other buildings. She has been to countless continuing education seminars including Green Architecture, Passive House design, Net Zero, LEED for Homes, and ENERGY STAR Homes. Kelly says, “The one thing that they all stress is that it does not have to cost more to build to these standards.”

Special Features:

  • Single-level living potential
  • Insulated slab on-grade
  • Two stall oversized detached garage
  • Gazebo connecting house to garage

Orientation and Envelope:

  • Roof will allow ample space for a roof mounted solar array.
  • Home energy Rating Scored (HERS) score of to be determined
  • Blower door result of _TBD__ACH50
  • Wall and roof sheathing air-sealed with Zip-R flashing tapes, and spray foam where appropriate.
  • Kasson and Keller windows with u-values of 0.24 (roughly R-4) and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25.
  • Exterior wall sheathed with Zip R-sheathing (OSB mated to a 2” sheet of polyisocyanurate rigid foam board insulation,) to reduce thermal bridging.
  • Exterior walls framed using semi-advanced framing techniques, insulated with an R-21 fiberglass batt in addition to the 2” Zip R-Sheathing foam insulation.
  • Slab on grade treated with 2 layers of 2” XPS equally R-24

Heating Cooling and Hot Water:

  • Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat condenser with 1- Wall Month unit and 1- Ceiling Cassette, used both for heating and cooling.
  • Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus, tankless electric water heater provides on-demand hot water with no storage losses.


  • Ventilation is achieved with 2 continuously operated Broan Fans set to move 50 CFM constantly, with ability for user to turn on high speed when room in use.


  • 100% of the house is outfitted with LED bulbs or fixtures.
  • ENERGY STAR refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer and ceiling fans.
  • The electric loads have been minimally designed to allow a 10KWH PV system to offset most if not all of the home’s electric demands.


  • 10Kw roof mounted solar array
  • Canadian Solar panels with Enphase micro-inverters.
  • Enphase website system name DG-SW.

Resources sustainability features:

  • Domestic water system designed to WaterSense Standards.
  • High Efficient HVAC, Hot Water, Appliances and Lights.
  • Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaic System.
  • EPA Indoor airPlus Qualified Home.

Project Team

Designer: Kelly Gale of KLG Architecture, pllc, North Sutton, NH

Kelly has over 14 years of diverse architectural experience ranging in projects from new homes to commercial projects. KLG architecture is a client orientated firm that incorporates energy efficient, sustainable design practices in all their projects.

Builder: Homes for a Lifetime LLC, Weare NH

Homes for a Lifetime have been building homes for over 20 years in New Hampshire. In 2005, High performance home becomes Bruce Fillmore’s passion and focus.  Since then Bruce has completed many homes while receiving awards for his commitment in advancing the home building industry as whole. He continues to be a leader in teaching other builders and industry professionals on ways to build Zero Energy Homes at affordable, reasonable prices.

Framing: Gary Labrie Carpentry, Weare NH

Gary started framing with his father as a teenager, and has been in the industry ever since.  Gary is very passionate and his workmanship and attention to detail is unrivaled.  When we first approached Gary about constructing air tight homes he was a bit apprehensive about it, but as we worked together identifying air paths through the air envelope, we devised simple techniques to address each.  In the end we are able to consistently create homes with predictable air leakage results and achieve our goal of less than 1ACH@50PASCALS.

Insulation Contractor: Qualify Insulation, Nashua NH

Quality Insulation is a full-service insulation company in Nashua, NH. They are local professionals representing a respected national brand. Steve Lussier has assembled a local team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional men and women in the industry. His team has a strong understanding of building science which they are able to couple with the latest in insulation technologies. Steve manages each project to ensure quality, efficiency and timely execution.

Renewables: Revision Energy, Concord NH

Is a trusted industry leader in solar design, Installation and service in northern New England.

HERS Rater: GDS Associates, Inc. Engineers & Consultants, Manchester, NH

GDS provides commercial and residential energy consulting, HERS rating and other certification services throughout New Hampshire. Clients include designers, builders, and homeowners of single- and multifamily homes who want to build healthy, durable and energy-efficient homes that provide unsurpassed comfort for their occupants.  GDS has worked with the NH Utilities for well over a decade certifying thousands of ENERGY STAR Homes.

Project Photos

Project Specifications

Building Information  Design Specs  As Built 
Conditioned Area (sq. Ft.) 1680
bedrooms 3
Housing Type Single Family
Thermal Design Specs As Built
Slab Floors R-24
Foundations walls N/A
Framed Floors N/A
Walls R-34  R-13 HDP+ R21 Batt
Vaulted Ceilings N/A
Flat Ceilings R-60 Cellulose
U-value 0.23
SHGC 0.25
Mechanical  Design Specs  As Built 
Space Heating (primary only)
>Efficiency (HSPF, COP, Etc.
Mitsubishi Hyper Heat 24,000 BTU      10.3 HSPF
Air Conditioning
> Efficiency (SEER, EER)
Mitsubishi 35,000BTU ASHP          19.7 SEER
Water Heating
> Efficicency (EF)
Steilbel Eltron On-Demand  .99
> Flow Rate
2 Continous Broan fans        50 CFM
Infiltration Rate 1.0 ACH50
Renewables Design Specs As built
Photovoltaics 10 KW
Solar Thermal N/A
Other Renewables TBD
Annual Energy Use (MMBTU/Yr) Code Built Home This Home
Water heating
Lighting & Apppliances
Final HERS Rating