2017 NHSaves Drive to Net Zero Home Competition Participant

NRG Construction

Applicant: Norman Giroux
Project Address: 43 Sachem Drive, Moutonborough NH
Builder Website:

Project Overview

General Project Overview:

  • The Giroux Home is a 4118 square foot three bedroom retirement home close to the mountains that incorporates many energy efficient assemblies and systems, including a well-insulated foundation and basement floor, high wall and ceiling R-values, Low E windows and particular details to air sealing the heating and cooling loads will be minimal.
  • Home is designed to generate all its energy needs for heating, cooling, hot water and appliances on site.
  • Norm’s interest in energy efficient construction began in the 1990’s when he attended workshops about the Energy Crafted homes program- which evolved into today’s ENERGY STAR Homes Program.
  • Norm, his family and crew enjoyed the summer of 2016 at a local campground while getting the project started, framed up and closed in before winter.

Special Features:

  • Great views of the mountains
  • Single-level living
  • Two kitchens
  • Finished suite above garage for guest
  • High ceilings

Orientation and Envelope:

  • Home Energy Score (HERS) projected score of
  • Blower door result of ___ACH50 (to be determined)
  • Basement slab was covered with vapor barrier and then insulated with 2” of EPS foam board equal to an R-12
  • Interior foundations wall is insulated with XPS foam insulation equal to an R-10
  • Exterior wall sheathed with Zip-R sheathing.
  • Windows with U-values of 0.18 (roughly R-5) and solar heat gain coefficient of .21
  • Wall and roof sheathing air sealing with Zip-R flashing tapes.

Heating Cooling and Hot Water:

  • 80 Gallon Bradford White Aerotherm Series Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Ground loop, Geothermal 60,000 Btu system Radiant heating and ducted cooling


  • Balanced HRV system


  • 100% of the house is outfitted with LED bulbs or fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer.
  • 200 amp electrical service


  • 10Kw ground mounted solar array

Resources sustainability features:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • High Efficient HVAC, Hot Water, Appliances and Lighting.
  • Building integrated Solar Photovoltaic System

Project Team

Builder/Designer:  Norman Giroux, NRG Construction, Kensington NH

Norman Giroux has owned and operated a custom home remodeling and millwork business in Kensington, New Hampshire for over 30 years. Norm first became interested in energy efficient homes in the early 90’s when he attended workshops about Energy Crafted Homes which grew into ENERGY STAR Homes.  It is finally time for Norm to build his retirement home. He and his family’s love of the mountains and many municipal benefits brought him to Moultonborough, NH to construct his life’s masterpiece.

Insulation Contractor: White Mountain Insulation, Lincoln, NH

Renewables:  Blackadar Electric, Moultonborough, NH

HERS Rater: GDS Associates, Inc. Engineers & Consultants, Manchester, NH

GDS provides commercial and residential energy consulting, HERS rating and other certification services throughout New Hampshire. Clients include designers, builders, and homeowners of single- and multifamily homes who want to build healthy, durable and energy-efficient homes that provide unsurpassed comfort for their occupants.  GDS has worked with the NH Utilities for well over a decade certifying thousands of ENERGY STAR Homes.

Project Photos

Project Specifications

Building Information  Design Specs  As Built 
Conditioned Area (sq. Ft.) 4118
bedrooms 3
Housing Type Single family, Detached
Thermal  Design Specs  As Built 
Insulation :
Slab Floors R-10
Foundations walls R-10 XPS rigid foam Board
Framed Floors R-45 7 inches of closed cell
Walls R-26 inchs of vlosed 3.5 blown fiberglass Flash and fill
Vaulted Ceilings N/A
Flat Ceilings R-40 16inches of Blown Fiberglass
U-value 0.18
SHGC 0.21
Mechanical  Design Specs  As Built 
Space Heating (primary only) >Efficiency (HSPF, COP, Etc. Geothermal 58600 BTU 3.5 COP
Air Conditioning                                     > Efficiency (SEER, EER) 61000 BTU 20.8 EER
Water Heating                                         > Efficicency (EF) ASHP Water Heater 2.4EF
Ventilation                                               > Flow Rate Heat recover ventilator
Infiltration Rate 2.0 ACH50
Renewables  Design Specs  As built 
Photovoltaics 10 KW
Solar Thermal TBD
Other Renewables TBD
Annual Energy Use (MMBTU/Yr)  Code Built Home  This Home 
Water heating
Lighting & Apppliances
Final HERS Rating